New Port harfbuzz-devel/harfbuzz-devel-icu; Path-Style Dependency Now Needed

Christopher Nielsen mascguy at
Mon Aug 30 22:27:05 UTC 2021


As part of the overarching GIMP upgrade effort, we’re juggling updates to a number of foundational ports. One of those is ‘harfbuzz’, which is still pending via PR 11948 ( <>).

Not surprisingly, some of the pending updates require updated dependencies of their own. And so it goes with pango, which requires an updated harfbuzz.

To proactively test updates to this pair, it’s been necessary to create a new Devel port, harfbuzz-devel (and companion harfbuzz-icu-devel), to correspond with pango-devel.

Both pango-devel, as well as harfbuzz-devel/harfbuzz-icu-devel, have finally been updated to their latest upstream releases. So that’s a key hurdle out of the way.

Now there’s just one logistical snag: We need to update dependents of ‘harfbuzz’ and ‘harfbuzz-icu', to utilize a path-style dependency. Once that’s done, we won’t have issues with the non-Devel version being inadvertently pulled in, when the Devel versions are installed.

So the $100,000 question is: For all of the dependent ports - there are 33 for ‘harfbuzz’, and 11 for ‘harfbuzz-icu’ - do folks mind if I (carefully) update each, switching to a path-style dependency for these? That can certainly be done via a PR - or perhaps several - but that seems overkill. Though I’m willing to do it, if folks feel strongly enough. (You might hear some grumbling though. LOL. Just kidding...)


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