10.15 Xcode version: Buildbot, vs. GitHub CI

Chris Jones jonesc at hep.phy.cam.ac.uk
Wed Dec 1 15:32:22 UTC 2021


On 01/12/2021 3:18 pm, Christopher Nielsen wrote:
> Just encountered an interesting situation, where a Swift-based port builds successfully via 10.15 CI, but fails on our buildbot.
> This appears to be related to Xcode versions: Presently our 10.15 buildbot has Xcode 11.7, whereas 10.15 CI has Xcode 12.4.
> This brings up two questions:
> * Would it be feasible to update our 10.15 buildbot to a newer Xcode release? Or are there certain ports/situations that necessitate remaining with 11.7?
> * Do we have control over the Xcode version used for GitHub CI, or is 12.4 the only option?
> Ideally both should utilize the same Xcode 12 release, specifically one that still ships with the 10.15 SDK. So the choices would be 12.0, 12.0.1, and 12.1.
> Thoughts?

MacPorts cannot mandate what Xcode a user has installed. Both Xcode 11 
and 12 are valid options to have on macOS10.15 (and, I might be wrong 
here, but from memory Ryan specifically keeps the builder on Xcode 11 to 
avoid issues with Xcode 12 also shipping the macOS11 SDK).

So basically the port needs to handle both, in whatever way is 
appropriate. I guess this is the new mint port


I see there is a check in there on the Darwin version. It sounds this 
this should be changed to a test specifically on the Xcode(CLT) versions 
installed, if the requirement is really Xcode 12 and above, and not 
really the Darwin version.


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