Remove pending builds from buildbot?

Jason Liu jasonliu at
Mon Dec 6 18:09:57 UTC 2021

Hi all,

Would it be possible to remove the queued builds for my PR that was
recently merged on the 10.13
<> and
12_x86_64 <>
That PR only added an auxiliary file, and really shouldn't be re-built.
Since there's such a long queue on the 10.13 and 12 builders, I'm thinking
that cancelling a fairly length build that isn't needed would help clear up
the backlog a bit faster. If there's an easy way to cancel the build on all
of the builders (not just 10.13 and 12), that would probably be even
better. On the other hand, if cancelling the build would be a hassle, then
don't worry about it.

The commit is identified by the hash

(Jason Liu <jasonliu-- at>)

Jason Liu
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