Question about `platforms` and `${os.platform}`

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Thu Dec 16 23:52:34 UTC 2021

On Dec 13, 2021, at 20:41, Christopher Chavez wrote:

>> Before you mentioned the AppKit overhaul some time ago and started addressing it in your ports, I had never heard of it and I don't think anyone else's ports do anything about it. So either we have a lot of broken ports due to this problem that we're not aware of, or for some reason it uniquely affects the ports you maintain...
> I want say this issue is not extremely uncommon, even if awareness of it is. One instance of this is Tcl/Tk, which decided to predefine the deprecated names of constants/functions/etc. to the 10.12 names when compiling for ≥10.12, and leave usage of deprecated constants in their codebase alone (leaving nothing for MacPorts to fix).
> Maybe there are still projects using the deprecated names which ignore or suppress warnings from -Wdeprecated-declarations.
> But if an upstream project switched to the 10.12 names and effectively dropped support for ≤10.11, I imagine the easiest course of action for a port that then broke on ≤10.11 was to just drop support for ≤10.11 (and not necessarily leave a more specific comment explaining why). Next up from that might be to patch the old names back in, and either ignore deprecation warnings on ≥10.12, patch only on ≤10.11, or suppressing warnings on ≥10.12.

I thought the "AppKit overhaul" referred to much more than just some symbols being renamed. If it's just renamed symbols, that seems like a simple enough problem to fix in either direction.

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