[10.6.8] MySQL 5.7.36_1 compile hell

Bjarne D Mathiesen macintosh at mathiesen.info
Mon Dec 20 13:56:50 UTC 2021

5th attempt

root at MiniWeb 14:46:03 ~
#=> port -f deactivate boost
--->  Deactivating boost @1.76_0
--->  Cleaning boost
root at MiniWeb 14:46:14 ~
#=> port clean --work mysql57
--->  Cleaning mysql57
root at MiniWeb 14:46:32 ~
#=> port -d -cuNp upgrade mysql57

[ 17%] Built target base64_test
make[1]: Leaving directory
make: *** [all] Error 2
make: Leaving directory
Command failed:  cd
&& /usr/bin/make -j2 -w all VERBOSE=ON
Exit code: 2
Error: Failed to build mysql57: command execution failed
DEBUG: Error code: CHILDSTATUS 12856 2
DEBUG: Backtrace: command execution failed
    while executing
"system {*}$notty {*}$callback {*}$nice $fullcmdstring"
    invoked from within
"command_exec -callback portprogress::target_progress_callback build"
    (procedure "portbuild::build_main" line 8)
    invoked from within
"$procedure $targetname"
Error: See
for details.
DEBUG: Registry error: protobuf-cpp not registered as installed & active.

root at MiniWeb 14:54:32 ~
#=> port installed protobuf-cpp
The following ports are currently installed:
  protobuf-cpp @2.6.1_0

So, now we are in a catch22 situation

And this is as far as I've been able to get

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