FileZilla: current version requires SDK 11

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Mon Feb 8 18:06:52 UTC 2021

On Feb 6, 2021, at 11:55, Lothar Haeger wrote:

> The latest version of FileZilla fails to build on my Catalina system and the developer states, it requires the latest BigSur SDK to compile (though the final binary should be running on macOS 10.11 and newer):
> If I understand that correctly, MacPorts will only be able to build the software on BigSur, right? Since I am not yet on BigSur and do not intend to go there anytime soon, how to best approach this kind of issue? 
> - I could drop maintainership and hope for someone running BigSur to pick it up.
> - I could patch the source and try to revert any use of the latest code changes that now require SDK 11. 
> - I could just ignore updates form now on and MacPorts stays on the current version forever. 
> - I could turn this into a (partially) binary port ;-)
> Any suggestions? Is there any simple solution I'm overlooking?

Would it help if we had a port in MacPorts that installed the macOS 11 SDK? Could FileZilla build using that on older systems? I have long wanted to add a port with subports to install any macOS SDK, and it's mostly done, it's just not committed yet.

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