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Ken Cunningham ken.cunningham.webuse at
Thu Feb 11 07:57:27 UTC 2021

Our glib2 is very outdated, and a number of software projects cannot be updated until it is modernized.

There is a 4000-PR-old PR to update it here <> from Lord-Kamina who has not been around much lately.

The PR was outdated and needed rebasing, amongst other things.

The major holdup has been the move to meson, which until yesterday did not allow universal builds on BigSur, and other issues.

I’ve been working on glib2 today, and it builds -universal at present.

The universal builds, I think, are almost there — hopefully fixable with simple tweak to the portfile to accommodate multiple build folders needing a header copied in (right now the Portfile only expects one build folder). I was thinking to work on that tomorrow unless someone beats me to it before then.

BUT — glib2 is a core port. Many other ports rely on it. Bootstrapping from older systems relies on it, etc, etc.

I thought I would ask if any interested parties might kick the tires and see what we might need to do to get this beast committed.



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