python PortGroup and destroot.pre_args

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Fri Jul 2 10:51:27 UTC 2021

On Friday July 02 2021 04:31:50 Ryan Schmidt wrote:

>If I create a dummy portfile that includes the python portgroup then then immediately tries to print destroot.pre_args, it shows why it failed:

Yes, I followed that much.

>The real question is why do you need to access destroot.pre_args right after including the python portgroup and before setting name?

No, the real question is in reading the one I asked a little bit less literally:

>> Why would `name` have to be defined in order to be able to evaluate destroot.pre_args ?

i.e. why would you do anything in a Portgroup that introduces this side-effect. For instance, can't whatever it does be done in a pre-destroot block, or via a callback (using a function that ? 

To answer your question: this came up because of a `destroot.pre_args-prepend -v` statement I added to another Portgroup (local copy of the meson PG I've been trying to improve). It seems perfectly reasonable to ensure (via its dedicated PG) that a build system uses verbose mode in a build phase.

I've worked around the issue by doing the prepend only when the Python PG hasn't been included (I could have added "and `name` isn't set yet) but it'd be really nice if PGs tried their best to interfere least with others...


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