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Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Mon Jul 19 20:08:07 UTC 2021

Dear MacPorts users and developers,

I'm really thrilled to see the new version of the ports website
finally being deployed at

I'm extremely grateful for the excellent work that Arjun did during
the GSOC summers of 2019 and 2020. He kept maintaining the code after
GSOC and made the migration to his own server (the previous server was
running out of resources to be able to cope with the additional
requirements introduced in the last summer).

Many thanks also to Amar with a much deeper understanding of Django
and related technologies who co-mentored the project in 2020 and made
sure that we ended up with a product of much higher quality than any
one of us could have achieved.

Some exciting new features involve:
- Dark mode.
- Better REST API.
- Remove dependency on Google Charts (blocked in some parts of the world).
- More advanced / extensive search & filtering for ports.
- Find ports that provide a particular file.
- The site runs livecheck and reports outdated ports.
- Ability to log in with GitHub OAuth and follow your favourite ports.
You can check whether they are outdated or broken on some platforms,
making it easier to see where contributions are needed.

You can read a bit more about the project on Arjun's blog:

The code lives at

We would be most happy to see contributions to this project, both in
terms of programming as well as for design, ideas etc.
Arjun did an impressive job already (everything from backend to
design), but if we have some talented designers around, please speak

I would also like to invite everyone who hasn't done that already to
opt-in for anonymous statistics submissions:

    sudo port install mpstats

Thank you,

PS: The old version will still live at
for a little while, just in case.

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