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Giuseppe 'ferdy' Miceli ferdy at
Tue Jun 1 12:49:22 UTC 2021


is there any overall strategy regarding the update of perl and python version as dependencies?

exampli gratia, i refer to the following ticket: <> <> 

locally i have update perl version to perl30 (just like i have done with littleutils, wget, intltool, help2man) to avoid having two different perl versions in the system.

beyond search for open tickets, each time i check against the upstream developers if there is some incompatibility and/or bug ticket for the landing version. is that enough before submitting the pr?

if that’s the case and it is where we are supposed to move forward, i can volunteer to look for ports depending on perl28 and update them to perl30 (i know it’s a repetitive and boring task, but it could be really useful for me to learn quicker about macports dynamics).

same situation for pyrhon. i have already with thefuck, LyX and global updating to 3.9. 
also, in this case, i have been told not creating a new variant for python3.9 leaving the python27 variant, but to replace 27 with 39. 


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