MacPorts Base: Support for a lower level of debug output, like ui_trace, or ui_debug2/ui_debug3?

Joshua Root jmr at
Wed Jun 2 15:19:16 UTC 2021

On 2021-6-2 23:39 , Christopher Nielsen wrote:
> I absolutely support the package/namespace “named logger" approach. That 
> concept is also used in the Java/.NET worlds, as well as others, and 
> it's incredibly useful (and powerful). And since we’re already taking 
> advantage of TCL namespaces, that provides a straightforward segregation 
> scheme.
> And ultimately that would be the way to go, as we evolve our logging 
> support.
> Short-term, though, I was hoping we could start with the simpler 
> approach: Expand our debug granularity, to filter out less-useful info 
> by default, but without removing the detail entirely. Indeed, there are 
> some areas where I’d like to see /more/ detail - albeit, logged at level 
> debug1 or lower - to help with troubleshooting.

This isn't an urgent change. Let's finish working out the design before 
we merge an implementation. To do otherwise is to invite technical debt.

- Josh

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