auto-multiple-choice-devel broken because default perl5 version is still 5.28

Christopher Nielsen mascguy at
Wed Jun 9 12:16:52 UTC 2021

> Joel.Brogniart on Wed Jun 9 07:59:30 2021
> Someone modified the auto-multiple-choice-devel version to use perl5.30 but as the default perl5 version is still 5.28 the port doesn't works. Why was the port modified before changing the default perl5 version?
> How could I make sure other ports use the perl5.30 version? ie. if I install libunistring port, perl5.28 will be installed even if I installed perl5.30 before it.

That someone was me, as the devel port was broken: It uses/needs 5.30 components, but the port file declared 5.28. So when running, it simply failed. (And since there’s no build/install time validation - the Perl dependencies are purely used at runtime - it requires running it to find this problem.)

But can you clarify the issue with libunistring, as well as the issue with both Perl versions being installed concurrently…?

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