2.7 features and CI

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Sat Jun 12 00:32:59 UTC 2021

On Jun 7, 2021, at 19:34, Joshua Root wrote:

> It's been well over the usual 2 weeks we normally wait before using features introduced in a new release. But CI is stuck on 2.6.4 and will fail for ports that use the new features. Of course we should really get CI updated to the new version, but nobody has managed to do that yet, so in the meantime we have this dilemma.
> New variables in 2.7 include:
> configure.sysroot
> macos_version & macos_version_major
> universal_possible

And configure.checks.implicit_function_declaration.whitelist.

Let me see if I can build the CI versions of MacPorts 2.7.1 so that we can get past this.

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