Very Large Number of Python ports Don't Exist in ${python.default_version } (py39)

Joshua Root jmr at
Mon Mar 1 15:49:58 UTC 2021

On 2021-3-2 02:23 , Steven Smith wrote:
> A very large number of Python ports don't exist in 
> ${python.default_version} (py39).
> Is there an efficient way to include these in MacPorts without all those 
> individual edits and commits?
> I expect that most/all of these will simply work with a 39 tacked on 
> to python.versions.

You can't assume they will work, they need to be verified as 3.9 
compatible. Plenty of modules break with each new python major version. 
If upstream explicitly lists 3.9 as supported in the metadata, that's 
probably good enough. Otherwise each module needs to be tested.

Once that's done, there's no problem adding lots of them in a single commit.

- Josh

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