Very Large Number of Python ports Don't Exist in ${python.default_version } (py39)

Steven Smith steve.t.smith at
Tue Mar 2 16:04:33 UTC 2021

As a user, I’d much rather report a rare package that doesn’t work than the current situation in which hundreds or more of dependencies are unavailable in MacPorts and I have to go through the process of updating Portfiles by hand or managing the pip installs. 

A major reason that many Python packages don’t appear is that the amount of work required to update them, even for simple things like a Python version bump.

There are very simple ways to check whether the package is reported to support the default_version, e.g.

Does the default version exist in pypi’s JSON? Yes, then great—add the subport. This would work hand-in-glove with existing support of multiple Python versions.

Automating as much as reasonable will handle the great majority of packages that should and will work without having to edit/test/commit/PR/review/merge them ourselves.

> It doesn't/can't work that way. If we want to offer multiple python versions, which I think is a good thing, then you have to update each port. Whether to commit that change to all ports at once without testing it and leave it to users to report breakage or to commit it only to select ports after verifying it works can be discussed. Historically I am in favor of verifying your commits work beforehand.
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