Help with Testing GTK3 Bug-Fix Update

Christopher Nielsen mascguy at
Wed Nov 3 13:14:46 UTC 2021

Folks, a new Devel port for GTK3 was created two weeks ago, with the goal of testing upstream releases. Along with that, all GTK3 dependents were updated to use a path-style dependency for GTK3, allowing the new port (gtk3-devel) to be a drop-in replacement.

In any case, gtk3-devel uses a later upstream release - 3.24.30 - encompassing a number of bug fixes. And we’d ultimately like to update the non-Devel GTK3 port to coincide that that, but it’s critical that we regression-test first.

So for you maintainers of GTK3-dependent ports - or enthusiastic users - can you install `gtk3-devel` in place of `gtk3`, and test your various apps?

And while everything should ideally “just work,” I can’t say for sure until we vet this out a bit. And please let me know if everything works fine, or if you encounter any issues!

Cheers and Thanks,

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