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Daniel J. Luke dluke at
Fri Nov 5 16:57:59 UTC 2021

On Nov 5, 2021, at 3:42 AM, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> wrote:
> The bug is that MacPorts base does not recognize that a portindex was built on a different OS version than the one that is currently running; that should be fixed.

Until we fix that base bug, I'd suggest we do the simple workaround of avoiding the behavior that triggers it.

> Any number of other port differences can be OS version or arch specific. For example, some ports may offer different port versions on different OS versions or different OS archs as needed. Such ports would also be affected by this problem.

Specifically the version/revision being changed interacts poorly with 'port outdated' (causing these ports to always appear as if they are outdated) - other differences do not.

Daniel J. Luke

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