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Sun Nov 28 15:04:13 UTC 2021

Folks, our long-awaited update to ‘gettext’ 0.21 - via PR 7399 - can now move forward: It was dependent on merging of foundational PR 7074 (update 'python27-bootstrap’ to not use ‘gettext-bootstrap’), and the latter was merged two days ago. <>

Note that this PR has been open since 6/11/2020, providing everyone with plenty of time to review and provide feedback. And it’s time to move forward.

As mentioned in the PR, I’ve personally been utilizing this new version of ‘gettext’ for the past six months. It’s been installed everywhere, across every one of my macOS installations - physical and virtual - from 10.6 through 10.15. So I’m quite comfortable with releasing this change.

That certainly doesn't guarantee that we won't encounter a problem somewhere. However, this update isn't likely to cause much of any fallout, given the backward-compatible nature of ‘gettext’.

So... I’m making one final call for feedback. If there are any concerns or objections to this PR, please try to voice those by end-of-day today. Likewise, if you believe we can move forward, positive feedback would be great as well.

This update is long-overdue, and will be a nice improvement. Please support the effort to merge this, and speak up here, and/or on the PR itself!

Cheers and Thanks,
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