EDA gEDA, KiCAD, and Skywater PDK stuff

Mark Anderson mark at macports.org
Sun Nov 28 17:59:31 UTC 2021

So I'm looking to do some EDA work - I need to fix GEDA based on the
tickets I have, but I built it on my new M1Max and gEDA is seriously busted
on mac. The last checkin was a year ago - so I'm thinking of forking it to
my github and making some mac fixes. The reason I'm posting this is that no
one has complained in a while, so I wonder if anyone uses it, and if anyone
would like to help. The other option would be to find a version that still
works and build that or just make the port deprecated. I don't want to
deprecate it, since I think it's still worthwhile, but I don't want to
become the new gEDA upstream maintainer. :-) Although I don't know that I
mind maintaining one that works on macOS if people start committing again.

Second, I've been trying to get kicad to build and it is easy - BUT THEY
ASSUME AND TRY TO INSTALL HOMEBREW! So that's another effort I'm working on
and could use help with.

Finally, eFabless offers free IC shuttle runs with the help of google
requiring a full open source flow,
https://efabless.com/open_shuttle_program/ - I want to add a way to install
all the tools and kit you need as well.

I'm going to start with gEDA (since that one is already mine and broken)
and work my way down the list. But if anyone is interested in helping at
all, let me know. I hate the fact that doing EDA requires Windows or Linux.
And I especially hate homebrew as a default. I'm going to try and see if I
fix the scripts to use MacPorts, if upstream will accept the patches.

I'll be putting info up on my wiki page as things progress.

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