Help with testing of PR 7074 - python27-bootstrap: stop using gettext-bootstrap

Christopher Nielsen mascguy at
Mon Oct 25 11:53:56 UTC 2021

Folks, this PR has been open since 5/12/2020, and we’d love to finally merge it. Of note, it’s also the key dependency preventing merge of PR 7399, the latter for a long-awaited update to gettext.

In short, we need someone to test a source-only install of clang-3.4 - along with all of its dependencies - for 10.6. I’ve done it twice, both via a VM, as well as a physical installation. But it would be beneficial to have one other person do this too, as it’s critical that we get this right the first time.

In terms of what’s needed:
* Setup a fresh MacPorts 2.7.1 installation on 10.6.
* Update the port file for python27, per the PR.
* Run ‘sudo port -s -N install clang-3.4’
* Wait for everything to build

Depending on your 10.6 setup, this is likely to take at least a few hours. But apart from that, it’s essentially a hands-off process.

Alternatively, if folks are comfortable with merging the PR as it is - with two rounds of testing, albeit from one individual - we can do that as well. But personally, I’d feel better if at least one other person validates this.


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