ports.macports.org - sync broken?

Christopher Nielsen mascguy at rochester.rr.com
Wed Oct 27 12:02:49 UTC 2021

>> Over the past few days, I’ve added multiple new ports. However, while such activity has been quickly picked up in the past - typically within an hour or two - that’s no longer occurring.
> Ideally the refresh happens every 10 minutes. The footer shows the time when the last update took place.
>> Is there a sync/refresh process that is currently broken?
> Yes, thanks for reporting. We had a limit of 100 characters in portname and portdir, looks like some port with a longer name was added because the logs show me the same error - working on a fix.

Thanks Arjun, looking much better now.

One other observation though: Prior to this, the “Maintained by Me” and “Watched by Me” pages were incredibly responsive, and would refresh/update almost instantly. Now, however, it seems to take up to 10 seconds on a refresh.

Initially I chalked it up to the site warming up, after the fix was initially released. But a few days later, that’s still the case. Has something changed, to cause a slowdown?

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