Issues handling Python 3.10 in portfiles

Christopher Chavez chrischavez at
Fri Sep 10 18:04:44 UTC 2021

Python 3.10.0 is expected to be released 2021-10-04, which will become the python310 port.

Just want to remind others to be on the lookout for portfiles (usually for ports not having `python` as the primary category) with version string handling that erroneously assumed there would never be Python 3.10, 3.11, etc.: naïvely adding Python 3.10 to these ports without further adjustment will cause them to instead erroneously interpret the Python version e.g. as "31.0", "3.1", "3.0", or "1.0".

I corrected several examples already, but I doubt that I found all of them:

Christopher A. Chavez

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