PR 14427: 10.14 tester wanted

Joshua Root jmr at
Tue Apr 5 04:55:04 UTC 2022

On 2022-4-5 09:33 , Fred Wright wrote:
> On Mon, 4 Apr 2022, Fred Wright wrote:
>> Meanwhile, it looks like the update was already pushed, since I had to 
>> fight the port command's refusal to honor -s during further testing.  
>> It seems that an explicit clean is needed to make -s work, in spite of 
>> the two alleged cleans during the uninstall.
> Actually, it doesn't look like the update was pushed, so maybe the -s is 
> ignored when the binary archive already exists locally.

The -s option should never be ignored AFAIK, but depending on the action 
you are using and the current state, it may be considered a noop with or 
without -s (like 'port install' when the port is already installed, or 
'port destroot' when the statefile already shows the destroot phase as 

- Josh

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