Recent Purchase of a 2012 MacPro 5,1 - History and Thoughts

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Mon Apr 18 15:43:06 UTC 2022

On 2022-04-17, at 8:50 AM, Christopher Nielsen <mascguy at> wrote:

> So they proceeded to open the side cover, flashlight in hand, and immediately noticed a problem: There was a small pool of green cooling fluid.

... and as I see this, I'm thinking back to a simpson's episode, where Moe bought a top of the line TV, refused to pay someone to secure it taking it home, and of course, it falls, and leaks fluid.

At the time, I dismissed that as just a TV joke.

What if it was a ding at liquid cooled computers? I mean, top of the line TV's are basically computers hooked up to a monitor, having one so powerful that it has to be liquid cooled?

(The other thought is Mythbuster's "Well there's your problem" :-).

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