Issues with config.h

Chris Jones jonesc at
Thu Aug 4 14:08:21 UTC 2022

Please provide a full log file for the build in Macports, and also one 
for exactly what commands you run and output you get when built outside ?

On 04/08/2022 2:36 pm, Robert Kennedy wrote:
> I am working on creating a new port that uses its own *config.h*.  See 
> attached.  The project compiles and builds just in clang outside of 
> Macports but when it is built via Macports, a number of macro redefined 
> warnings are generated:
> e.g.
>     .*/config.h:29:9: warning: 'HAVE_STDINT_H' macro redefined*
>     *#define HAVE_STDINT_H*
>     *        ^*
>     *./config.h:42:9: note: previous definition is here*
>     *#define HAVE_STDINT_H 1*
> I suspect Macports or the compiler is creating or referencing another 
> *config.h*.
> For this project, it looks like the simple solution is to add *include 
> guards*to *config.h.*
> In my view, It is not good practice to directly include in /header/files 
> #*|include| <|config.h>|*or *#include "config.h"* since this would lead 
> to bad name conflicts etc.
> The best solution appears to be outlined here:
> <>
> But that would involve patching 30 or so source code files.
> Has anyone else run into this issue regarding *config.h* using Macports 
> and what solution did you employ?
> Rob

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