MacPorts custom installation prefix and precompiled binaries

Joshua Root jmr at
Sun Aug 7 16:22:17 UTC 2022

On 2022-8-7 23:05 , Steven Smith wrote:
>> You can use any prefix you want, precompiled binaries or no. Just go 
>> ahead and do it.
> Well, almost. There’s this caveat:
>> Options for MacPorts general operating characteristics.
>> prefix
>>     Sets the directory where ports are installed. Any path may be used
>>     but those with spaces and/or non-ASCII characters should be
>>     avoided because it can break some ports.
>>     Default: |/opt/local|
> Someday, one hopes that there will be a cleanup of all the tcl code that 
> breaks for prefix paths with spaces and non-ascii characters, but that’s 
> aspirational, not reality.

The bigger problem is that it's not just our code that can break. All 
the build systems and software installed by the ports also have to work 
with the chosen prefix.

- Josh

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