ld: waning messages -- Frameworks out of sync.

Robert Kennedy amtor at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 16 23:17:25 UTC 2022

I have been experimenting with building my M2VDownsizer port on other Macs running newer MacOS.  M2VDownsizer uses a Makefile to build the binary from source code written in C.  (see PR  https://github.com/macports/macports-ports/pull/15636 )

I find that on newer Macs (e.g. 10.13), the following linker warning messages are often generated:

ld: warning: text-based stub file /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Versions/A/LaunchServices.tbd and library file /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Versions/A/LaunchServices are out of sync. Falling back to library file for linking.

I can get rid of these warning messages if I include the following in the Portfile:

set MAJOR_MACOS_VERSION       [ exec sh -c { sw_vers -productVersion | cut -d '.' -f 1,2 } ]

set SDK_PATH       [ exec xcrun --show-sdk-path ]

configure.cflags-append     -mmacosx-version-min=${MAJOR_MACOS_VERSION}

configure.cflags-append     -isysroot ${SDK_PATH}

The port builds just fine unless one uses trace mode.
i.e. sudo port -vst install M2VDwnsizer

I suspect that setting SYSROOT using -isysroot interferes with MacPorts trace mode.

I will probably just delete the extra statements above from the Portfile and just live with the warning messages.

Has anyone else dealt with this issue?


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