The State of Rust in MacPorts Today

mcalhoun at mcalhoun at
Wed Dec 21 03:51:15 UTC 2022

I am sorry I have not been a better maintainer for the Rust port.
Life has been a little hectic.

As has been discussed in this thread, there is definitely room for improvements in the Rust setup.
Until a final consensus is reached, I opened a pull request to at least get Rust to its latest version using the previous infrastructure.

I am not sure the GCC and Clang ports are necessary a good model.
In those cases, there is a system compiler could build a compiler, which could be used to build a compiler, etc.
That is not the case for Rust.

To build Rust, MacPorts has to download Rust binaries.
If the system is new enough, upstream provides them.
If we want to support older system, we have to build and distribute our own.
Of course, mrustc and/or Rust-GCC may change that.

If we do decide to continue our own Rust binaries, I agree that it would be highly advisable to find a more suitable location.

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