Maintainer Abuse

Fred Wright fw at
Thu Dec 29 04:59:23 UTC 2022

Twice recently I've had changes made to ports I maintain without 
respecting the maintainer timeout (and not for any urgent security-related 
reasons).  The first was py-serial, where the change was merged without 
waiting for the maintainer timeout.  And just now I see that someone 
abused their write access to bypass the PR mechanism entirely for a gpsd 
update, so that I wasn't even notified of the change.  And I've had good 
reason to hold off on updating gpsd, due to its missing dependency on 
asciidoctor, which is currently broken on some platforms due to the 
insistence on tying it to a broken version of ruby, which I've actually 
been working on fixing.

Is this now the Wild West?

Fred Wright

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