Fastly Mirrors Throttled to 1 MB/sec?

Joshua Root jmr at
Tue Jun 7 14:09:43 UTC 2022

On 2022-6-7 21:43 , Christopher Nielsen wrote:
>> On 2022-06-06-M, at 13:53, Joshua Root <jmr at> wrote:
>> Try fetching the same file twice in a row. In my experience, the first fetch from a cold cache is quite slow, but once the local node has the file, it will saturate my connection.
> I’ve tried that numerous times over the past few months, but the behavior is extremely consistent: The download speed is tightly throttled at exactly 1 MB/sec, even after two or three back-to-back fetches.

Well, that's clearly not the case for all ISPs and all Fastly POPs. More 
data is needed to know where the throttling is happening.

- Josh

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