Re: privoxy-pki-bundle not Behaving as Desired – Request for Assistance

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Tue May 17 22:26:15 UTC 2022

On May 17, 2022, at 15:31, Steven Smith wrote:

>> Whenever the curl-ca-bundle port is updated to a new version, the privoxy-pki-bundle port's revision should be increased so that it rebuilds with the new bundle.
> Thank you.
> This is the part that I was hoping is automatic, without updating a revision: the depends_lib would see that the “library” that the port depends upon has been updated, and rebuilds itself because of the updated library dependency. All without modification of the Portfile.
> I infer from your response that this isn’t how depends_lib works.

Correct, that's not how it works. If you want a port to be rebuilt, increase its revision.

You may be thinking of a MacPorts feature called rev-upgrade which is designed to help users not encounter some types of breakage when someone forgets to increase a port's revision. The only type of breakage this deals with is dynamically linked libraries being missing: for example, a port is updated to a new version which provides a new major version of the library which therefore has a different filename but the revision of the ports that link with the library was not increased. As a stopgap until the revisions are increased, MacPorts will notice the problem and rebuilt the ports from source on the user's machine to get things working again.

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