MacPorts 2.8.0-beta1 now available for testing

Joshua Root jmr at
Fri Oct 14 19:10:12 UTC 2022

On 2022-10-14 18:13 , Ken Cunningham wrote:
> the only other thing I noticed was that these helpful pre-fetch messages 
> were no longer being displayed:
> <>
> Instead there was just a message saying the build was known to fail, but 
> try anyway?
> But the instructions about what to actually do are gone now…
> Perhaps no way around that?

In that particular case, the solution is to set `replaced_by 
xorg-server-legacy` instead of erroring in pre-fetch. As of 2.8, 
replaced_by will be followed when installing as well as when upgrading.

I can see why the ability to give an explanation more than "this is 
broken" is appealing, but it can't (easily) be done via pre-fetch 
messages while still resolving <>. 
We need to figure out that ports are known_fail before processing their 

The fact is that known_fail is almost always set based on platform, and 
the information about what platforms are supported is now available in 
'port info' output. Cases where something can be fixed by the user (like 
"your Xcode version is too old" or "you need to install this SDK") 
should not be setting known_fail anyway.

- Josh

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