PyTorch CI Build Issue Request for Help

Joshua Root jmr at
Thu Mar 23 14:13:13 UTC 2023

On 23/3/2023 23:26, Steven Smith wrote:
> PyTorch build and runs fine locally, but the CI consistently fails with error below. This issue has created unnecessary delays in merging new PT versions.
>> 2023-03-18T18:24:32.7624930Z CMake Error at third_party/fbgemm/CMakeLists.txt:76 (message):
>> 2023-03-18T18:24:32.7638400Z   A compiler with AVX512 support is required.

You would need to examine the cmake logs (CMakeOutput.log + 
CMakeError.log) and the CMakeLists.txt in this subdir to see how this 
check is being done. Maybe the wrong compiler is being used for the 
check; maybe it's buggy in some other way.

> A successful build uses:
>> :debug:build CXX='/usr/bin/clang++'
>>>> :info:build -- Performing Test C_HAS_AVX512_2 - Success
>>>> :info:build -- Performing Test CXX_HAS_AVX512_2 - Success

That's coming from a different CMakeLists.txt (which apparently works 
correctly since the same output is in the log of the failing build).

> I believe that the right compiler is set. Any suggestions, or does this complicated build fail with the CI box?
> Details at this PR:
> py-pytorch: Update to version 2.0.0 by essandess · Pull Request #18009 · macports/macports-ports

The current version fails on the buildbot for all OS versions except 
Ventura. The logs that are still available for x86_64 show the same 
error as GitHub Actions. 

So it appears that pushing the update won't make it more broken, but it 
still is quite broken. At the very least, binaries won't be built for 
most platforms, and if it fails on the buildbot then it will most likely 
fail for local builds too on at least some subset of machines.

- Josh

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