PyTorch CI Build Issue Request for Help

Joshua Root jmr at
Thu Mar 23 15:25:15 UTC 2023

On 24/3/2023 01:41, Chris Jones wrote:
> requiring AVX512 is a really rather stringent requirement, most machines 
> will not have these instructions.
> In fact, even if the build bots where able to make binary tarballs, if 
> they are using these instructions (without runtime capability checks) 
> then it would quite possibly render these binaries unusable on most 
> hardware.
> What we normally require is use of these sorts of instruction sets 
> (AVX512, AVX2) is by default turned off so that the binaries produced 
> are usable on more hardware. Then, if you want to allow these 
> instructions on machines where they are available, provide a 'native' 
> variant which when selected forces the user to build from source, and 
> allows the build configuration to test for and if available use these 
> instructions.

Whether it's requiring AVX512 at runtime or just needs that support in 
the compiler isn't clear, and would certainly be another thing to check 
while fixing this.

- Josh

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