[macports/macports-ports] Update ImageMagick to 6.9.13-7 (PR #23307)

Joshua Root jmr at macports.org
Mon Apr 1 21:16:56 UTC 2024

On 2/4/2024 01:11, Langer, Stephen A. (Fed) via macports-dev wrote:
> I got this message about rev bumping my port because of changes in its 
> dependencies.  I'm relatively new to port maintenance and am not sure 
> what I need to do here.    Do I just tweak the version number on my port 
> so that it's rebuilt on the server?  How can I test it with the new 
> dependency if the new dependency isn't yet available via "port upgrade"?

Hopefully you don't have to do anything. The PR is already increasing 
the revision of the ports that link with libMagick, so they will be 
rebuilt against the new ABI when it is merged. Your port oofcanvas built 
successfully on CI.

If you want to check that it still works correctly, you can fetch the PR 
branch into a local macports-ports repo like this:

git fetch origin pull/23307/head:ImageMagick-6.9.13

"23307" is the PR ID number, and "ImageMagick-6.9.13" is the branch the 
PR is based on. After fetching it, you can check out the 
ImageMagick-6.9.13 branch as usual. Then upgrade ImageMagick and 
oofcanvas and run whatever tests you like.

- Josh

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