how to handle 'internal' logs for failed builds

Joshua Root jmr at
Thu Apr 4 22:29:06 UTC 2024

On 5/4/2024 01:39, Chris Jones wrote:
> So what is happening is the build internally packages its own versions 
> of some externals, freetype being one of them, and its this that fails 
> during configure for some reason.
> The problem is the contents of that log are, of course, not in the 
> macports build log, so I cannot see what it is that is causing it, and 
> as it works for me I cannot look locally myself. I've tried looking at 
> my versions of the logs, and just guess what might be wrong, missing new 
> deps for instance, but that hasn't worked, so I really need to see whats 
> in that log from the build bots...

> So. Is there anything I can do here. Ideally something similar to the 
> above perhaps, but which will still run even if the build phase itself 
> fails... ?

I don't know how it could be generalised to all possible logs, but you 
can easily modify the list of logs that CI makes available: 

Do that on a branch, make some change to the affected port as well, and 
push to your fork and let CI run.

- Josh

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