livecheck and curl 8.7.1

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Mon Apr 22 00:29:56 UTC 2024

> On Apr 20, 2024, at 22:12, Fred Wright wrote:
> there was a case a couple of years ago where MacPorts decided to prefer to the mirrors (at my location), and the fetch (on 10.9) would hang in a way that wasn't subject to a timeout, so it never gave up and never moved on to the mirrors.  The response when I reported this was "gee, it's supposed to have timeouts".  I don't know exactly what got fixed, but I haven't seen this lately.

You're right, there are timeouts. 

If there is a server causing you trouble, you can tell MacPorts not to access it using the host blacklist setting in macports.conf. 

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