CI are forcing tests for ports where tests are disabled

Joshua Root jmr at
Thu Feb 29 07:46:04 UTC 2024

Oh I see, the R portgroup is overriding the test phase entirely, which 
makes useless. Don't do that; set test.cmd, test.args and so on.

- Josh

On 29/2/2024 18:34, Sergio Had wrote:
> I believe, they were not forced for R stuff until /very/ recently.
> I found a solution which should work to fix running tests for R packages 
> even when tests are unsupported and forced to run, but this situation is 
> quite fragile.
> For the context: there are some R packages which are in themselves 
> trivial, but required as dependencies for some important ones. By 
> default R checks require all /optional/ dependencies to be installed, 
> which sometimes means /a lot/ of stuff to build. Adding every such 
> optional dependency to MacPorts just to support testing is a) 
> practically unfeasible and b) hardly needed. So while I tend to add 
> support for testing wherever find it important or wherever it does not 
> take too much of effort, there are a number of packages which have 
> / no – /and that is unlikely to change.
> While default behavior of R can be changed via passing a variable in 
> environment, this a) does not guarantee that some tests won’t fail due 
> to missing optional dependency nevertheless and b) is not clearly a 
> superior choice, since it becomes less clear if some optional 
> dependencies are missing (which we may care about in specific cases).
>> On Feb 29, 2024, at 2:17 PM, Joshua Root <jmr at> wrote:
>> On 29/2/2024 17:01, Sergey Fedorov wrote:
>>> There is something broken with CI now.
>>> Tests phase must not be run when it is disabled ( is set to 
>>> no), but it is.
>> Built-in tests can always be run. See 2.9 release notes.
>> - Josh

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