Builder request, h5fortran on Sonoma x86

Joshua Root jmr at
Sun Jan 14 01:24:25 UTC 2024

On 14/1/2024 12:04, Dave Allured - NOAA Affiliate via macports-dev wrote:
> Would someone please push through a rebuild of h5fortran on Sonoma x86, 
> such that the status page is correctly updated?  I think this bad build:
> <>  (OS 14 x86)
> <>
> ... was fixed as indicated in the ticket.  Remind me what I should do 
> for this, if anything.  Thanks for any help or advice.

The buildbot is just finishing up the last of the ports. We'll run 
through all the ones that weren't successfully built again soon, to pick 
up fixes for Xcode issues etc. that have been made in the meantime.

Committers with a buildbot account can force a build to run, and 
committing any change to a port's files will also run a new build if it 
failed previously. I queued one up for h5fortran.

- Josh

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