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Jim DeLaHunt list+macports-dev at
Thu Jan 25 22:47:09 UTC 2024

On 2024-01-25 13:22, Kirill A. Korinsky wrote:
> On Thu, 25 Jan 2024 10:54:23 +0100,
>   wrote:
>> Hi,
>> up to now I didn't subscribe to "macports-dev" mailing list, even if I use and
>> collaborate in MacPorts for years! ...
> due to little traffic on that list it seems resanable to merge into one.
> Thougths?

I value having both a macports-users and a macports-dev list. There are 
topics which clearly belong in -users (how do I migrate?), and topics 
which clearly belong in -dev (how do I fix a problem in this portfile I 
am working on?).

There are topics which may start on -users but then migrate to -dev. 
Reports of problems with ports, which need to become fixes to ports, are 
an example.  The user's question about the port not working is 
appropriate for -user. As it becomes apparent that the underlying cause 
requires a fix in the portfile, the discussion may become more 
appropriate for -dev.

So, personally, I am not in favour of merging these two lists into one.

Best regards,
     -- Jim DeLaHunt

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