GEDA site dead?

Mark Anderson mark at
Sun Jan 28 00:41:41 UTC 2024

Yeah - that's what I've been afraid of - I've been the maintainer for a
while, but even I don't use it that much anymore - and was wondering if it
was completely dead or had any life at all. It's macOS performance had been
slipping as well.

I know gerbv/pcb/gtkwave have all kept up which is good - but it might be
time to deprecate the geda-gaf port and focus on other EDA stuff that has
been popping up, like Klayout, and the 130 nm open source PDK, and
OpenRoad/Lane. I always had a soft spot for gEDA since it was kinda a
knockoff of Cadence which is how I got my chip design start, but it might
be time to move on.

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On Sat, Jan 27, 2024 at 7:00 PM Dave Allured - NOAA Affiliate via
macports-dev <macports-dev at> wrote:

> Valerio, thanks for that reference.  Lepton-eda looks like a nice
> successor to gEDA, and a good candidate for a new port.
> On Sat, Jan 27, 2024 at 10:25 AM Valerio Messina via macports-dev <
> macports-dev at> wrote:
>> domain was
>> see:
>> seems payd till October 2024 but now is down
>> gEDA development has always been with the main focus on Linux and have
>> never cared about macOS and Windows.
>> In recent years, competition from KiCad (which is madly actively
>> developed cross platform by CERN and is still GPL) I think has killed
>> the development of gEDA. The only exception is GerbV which is still
>> maintained and is quite up to date for Linux and Windows, but not for
>> macOS:
>> In reality GerbV has always been the only program in the package to
>> compile correctly for Windows, I generated it annually for Linux and
>> Windows colleagues, and due to its ease I still find it superior to the
>> one integrated into KiCad, even if it does not support the Gerber X2
>> standard is become obsolete.
>> Take a look to Lepton:
>> seems mantained
>> Valerio
>> On 1/27/24 1:46 PM, Nils Breunese wrote:
>> > I’m not familiar with gEDA, but according to
>> the homepage is
>> >
>> > But requests to both the .com and the .org domains indeed fail for me.
>> >
>> > Nils.
>> >
>> >> Op 26 jan 2024, om 03:37 heeft Mark Anderson <mark at> het
>> volgende geschreven:
>> >>
>> >> I've been having trouble getting to -
>> anyone else? This doesn't bode well for the project / Portfile. It might be
>> time to retire it, or mark it as deprecated.
>> >>
>> >> —Mark
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