ipsw: Builds for OSX 10.14 and below

Keto therealketo at gmail.com
Mon Mar 25 04:53:47 UTC 2024


I recently added ipsw to MacPorts. From what I can tell, the project only
works with Go 1.19. Pushing updates, I've noticed build failures for OSX
versions that support Go 1.22.

I'm seeking assistance to resolve this issue, as I simply don't have the
resources to do so. My goal is to support versions that align with the
claimed Go versions supported by ipsw; from what I can see, Go 1.22 is
installed on OSX 10.13 and above, but if support for even lower versions
(such as OSX 10.7) is possible, that would be great as well.

If you'd like to start, the build bot reports showcase an error with the
linker used in OSX 10.14 and below [1].

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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