[MacPorts] #14891: PATCH: use the fastest mirror in fetch phase

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Wed Apr 2 11:05:16 PDT 2008

#14891: PATCH: use the fastest mirror in fetch phase
  Reporter:  jmr at macports.org  |       Owner:  macports-tickets at lists.macosforge.org
      Type:  enhancement       |      Status:  new                                  
  Priority:  Normal            |   Milestone:  MacPorts base enhancements           
 Component:  base              |     Version:  1.7.0                                
Resolution:                    |    Keywords:                                       
Comment (by wsiegrist at apple.com):

 I tested with and without the patch on 2 random ports: less and php5.

 less:  the svn.macosforge.org sites won and were tried first, even though
 they dont have the files. You should probably exclude macosforge and
 macports sites from the ping test until we have mirroring going.

 php5: it took longer to fetch because it waited up to 5s for each mirror
 it seems.  Maybe try to find a winner with "-t1", then "-t5" to minimize
 the impact of downed mirrors.

 Overall I like the idea though.

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