[MacPorts] #14901: firefox-x11 does not provide file-selection browsers

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Wed Apr 2 15:20:09 PDT 2008

#14901: firefox-x11 does not provide file-selection browsers
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 The X11 port of firefox ( does not include the code to allow the
 user to change preferences which require a file-browser box to "Save Link
 As" or to select local files/directories such as the default download

 To test this go to Edit->Preferences->Main and select the Browse button
 next to "Save files to" in the "Downloads" section.  On my 10.5.2 PPC
 system, nothing happens when the Browse button is selected.

 I recall from my own attempts to build SeaMonkey for Mac X11 that I could
 not get it to link in the gnome-vfs components (listed as required in the
 port file).  It always insisted on trying to link in the Carbon
 frameworks.  My Seamonkey attempts would eventually crash after repeated
 attempts to call the file browser.  So far firefox-x11 just does nothing.
 Other functions work fine so far as I can tell--although the copy
 highlight does not work the way it should (as Mozilla X11 version 1.7.13
 and Linux Firefox do).  It should copy the selection directly to
 the X11 Clipboard so that a middle mouse click will past the selection.
 Instead it requires that the selection be copied using a menu or keyboard
 command.  That makes me believe that some of the X11 UI bits are missing
 from the linking.

 I wonder if anyone of the folks who have recently fixed problems in the
 port file have tried to use the port (beyond just assuring it builds,
 installs, and opens correctly).

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