[MacPorts] #14906: port requires too many flags for simple operations

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Wed Apr 2 19:16:49 PDT 2008

#14906: port requires too many flags for simple operations
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 Ideally, this would be filed against a 2.0 release not the trunk or the
 next release.

 -f       force mode (ignore state file)

 why is -f (force) needed for upgrades of installed ports? Is there a
 reason that upgrade should not do just that? And why not put in a .conf
 file in that case? The idea of forcing something just seems wrong to new
 users, in many cases.

 -c       autoclean mode (execute clean after install)

 I would vote for putting "clean" in a conf file, since it seems unlikely a
 user would change their mind per port or upgrade cycle.  That there is a
 -k, the opposite command, suggests one should be the default.

 -n       don't follow dependencies in upgrade (only for upgrading)

 Likewise, why not have this be the default?

 Feel free to create a new version to apply this to.

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