[MacPorts] #14952: Privoxy 3.0.8_1 fails to start following install

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#14952: Privoxy 3.0.8_1 fails to start following install
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 After installing Privoxy using macports (3.0.8_1 on OS X 10.5.2), the
 daemon fails to start with the appropriate launchctl command.  A search of
 the logs indicates:

 Apr 07 16:22:52.494 Privoxy(000000a0) Info: Privoxy version 3.0.8[[BR]]
 Apr 07 16:22:52.503 Privoxy(000000a0) Info: Program name:
 Apr 07 16:22:52.503 Privoxy(000000a0) Fatal error: can't load actions file
 '/opt/local/etc/privoxy/standard': No such file or directory. Note that
 beginning with Privoxy 3.0.7, actions files have to be specified with
 their complete file names.[[BR]]

 It appears that the old (3.0.6) config file carried over to 3.0.8_1?
 Therefore appending `.action` to the actionsfile(s) corrects the problem
 (@ line 337-339 in /opt/local/etc/privoxy/config):

 actionsfile standard.action  # Internal purpose, recommended[[BR]]
 actionsfile default.action   # Main actions file[[BR]]
 actionsfile user.action      # User customizations[[BR]]

 It should be mentioned that I initially attempted to "upgrade" from 3.0.6,
 ran into the problem, uninstalled all versions of privoxy, reinstalled
 3.0.8_1, ran into the same problem w/ the daemon not running, edited the
 config file, and restarted privoxy -> problem solved.

 Perhaps my old config file from 3.0.6 was hanging around?

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