[MacPorts] #14985: [py25-matplotlib] Unneeded dependency on odcctools

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#14985: [py25-matplotlib] Unneeded dependency on odcctools
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Changes (by mcalhoun at macports.org):

 * cc: mcalhoun (added)


 The reason it matters if there was a reinstall of MacPorts after the OS
 upgrade is because:[[BR]]
 py25-matplotlib depends on py25-numpy[[BR]]
 py25-numpy depends on g95[[BR]]
 on 10.4, g95 depends on odcctools[[BR]]
 on 10.5, g95 does '''NOT''' depend on odcctools.

 If you upgraded the OS without reinstalling Macports, then MacPorts might
 still think that it's running on 10.4[[BR]]
 (hence trying to install odcctools).

 If you type in "port info g95" on a 10.5 machine and you see odcctool as a
 library dependency, then MacPorts is[[BR]]
 confused as to which type of machine it is running on,[[BR]]
 A reinstall of MacPorts should fix this.

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