[MacPorts] #15000: gnudatalanguage fails to build

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Sun Apr 13 10:19:57 PDT 2008

#15000: gnudatalanguage fails to build
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 On an Intel based Mac running Tiger 10.4.11 gnudatalanguage fails to build
 with the following error.  I think the error is in the configure script
 for the package, but I can't seems to track down the problem.  I have
 attached the config.log file.

 checking for gsl_cdf_ugaussian_P in -lgsl... yes
 checking for cblas_drot in -lgslcblas... yes
 checking for plsexit in -lplplotcxxd... yes
 checking for GetMagickVersion in -lMagick... no

 Error! ImageMagick version 5.5.7 or later is required but was not found
        Use --with-Magick=DIR to specify the ImageMagick directory tree
        Use --with-Magick=no  to not use it
        Check the README or use configure --help for other libraries needed
        (--with-xxxdir = obligatory, --with-xxx = optional (--with-xxx=no
 to disable))

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