[MacPorts] #15081: dbus failure to start after crash

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Mon Apr 21 07:13:37 PDT 2008

#15081: dbus failure to start after crash
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 There is already a ticket (14163) related to this issue, but it hasn't
 been updated in 2 months and I can't figure out how to annotate it. After
 a forced reboot, dbus doesn't automatically restart because the PID file,
 /opt/local/var/run/dbus/pid, doesn't get deleted. Since dbus is running as
 a launchd job, this file isn't needed and shouldn't exist. The launchd
 item itself and the system.conf files also need to be changed. There's no
 need for the dbus.wrapper script, which seems to be a relic of pre-launchd
 times. dbus-daemon should be called directly from org.macports.dbus.plist,
 and the lines in system.conf that cause it to drop privileges, fork into
 the background, and write a PID file should be removed. I'll try to attach
 proposed replacements for org.macports.dbus.plist and system.conf to this
 ticket. Thanks.

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