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Tue Apr 22 03:42:01 PDT 2008

#15095: BLT doesn't work properly
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Component:  ports        |     Version:  1.6.0                                
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 I installed BLT library via macports: port install blt, and when I am
 trying to run it on included samples, it doesn't work, and tells me that
 there are some version conflicts. The only other version I have is
 originally suplied Leopard TCL - version 8.4, so the conflict is according
 to me somewhere in macports installation.

 there is a log when I tried to run a sample, it always ends up like this:

 mn at hrusticka /opt/local/lib/blt2.4/demos $ bltwish barchart1.tcl
 Application initialization failed: version conflict for package "Tcl":
 have 8.5.2, need exactly 8.5
 Error in startup script: dlsym(0x5882a0, Blt_Unload): symbol not
 founddlsym(0x5882a0, Blt_SafeUnload): symbol not foundversion conflict for
 package "Tcl": have 8.5.2, need exactly 8.5
     while executing
 "load $library BLT"
     (procedure "LoadBLT" line 30)
     invoked from within
 "LoadBLT 2.4 /opt/local/lib/blt2.4"
     ("package ifneeded BLT 2.4" script)
     invoked from within
 "package require BLT"
     (file "barchart1.tcl" line 3)
 dyld: unloaded: /opt/local/lib/libBLT.2.dylib

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